Do I Need A Gastric Sleeve Forum?

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Sometimes, the decision to have life-changing gastric sleeve surgery feels like a lonely one. Family and friends, who do not fully understand your decision, might question it. Even if they are supportive, they may still voice their own doubts about the surgery to you.

Sometimes, thinking about all those questions and challenges is stressful. You might decide that weight loss is a personal issue, and so you might as well keep the surgery, and everything about it, between yourself and your surgeon. That is not such a good idea, for many reasons. Believe it or not, social support can even help you lose weight.

Why Do I Need To Join A Gastric Sleeve Forum?

More Likely to Complete and Maintain Treatment with A Gastric Sleeve Forum

In a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, patients who joined weight loss programs with friends, and patients who joined alone, were tested. The patients who joined with friends were given additional social support by the clinic. 95% of them completed the treatment, 66% maintained full weight loss.

In contrast, only 76% of the patients who joined alone completed the treatment. Only 24% of them maintained full weight loss. Patients who were constantly encouraged, and who faced healthy competition, were more successful in weight loss programs. A gastric sleeve forum gives the same kind of support, from others who are going through the same challenge.

More Likely to Lose Weight with A Gastric Sleeve Forum

It might sound too easy, but the science proves it. In an article published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, two groups were compared. One was a self-help group, while the other group had regular meetings with a support group.

The “commercial group,” the weight loss group with a support system, lost more weight than the other. They lost a minimum of 4.3 kilograms, compared to the 1.3 kilograms lost by the self-help group. More than that, members of the group who attended at least 78% of the support sessions lost 5 kilograms minimum, instead of 4.3 kilograms.

There are even more studies that confirm this. livescience determined that patients of weight loss programs lose an average of 4.9 percent of their total body weight. If they are in a weight loss program with a social support group, they lose an average of 7.5% of their total body weight. Success was a closer goal with that support group.

The Trevose Behavior Modification Program shows how well aggressive group support and healthy competition can work as well. Under their program, which requires weekly attending of the support meetings or the program ends, patients lost 19 percent of their total body weight.

The Gastric Sleeve Forum: An Ingredient for Success

There are many ingredients for weight loss success. However, having a gastric sleeve forum is one of the best of those. Instead of withdrawing into yourself and hoping you can lose enough weight before anyone notices, find a supportive gastric sleeve forum. You can get answers to questions, build relationships, and most importantly, find strength and encouragement.

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