Gastric Sleeve Recovery

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The day you wake up from gastric sleeve surgery is day one of your new life. How well your new life goes is mostly up to you, but you will not be able to prepare for it unless you know what is expected of you after surgery. First, remember: you will lose weight, and you will recover–it is only a matter of time. Do not lose hope during the recovery period.

What Kind of Pain Should I Expect During Gastric Sleeve Recovery?

You should not wake up from surgery with too much pain. There should still be quite a bit of anesthesia in your system, enough for you to wake groggy but with only dull pain. However, as the anesthesia wears off, the more throbbing pains will start.

The pain should be localized where the surgical incisions were made. The largest incision is most likely the main cause of pain, so move carefully for the first few days. If you have pain anywhere else–back, shoulders–tell your surgeon. This pain is irregular.

Should I Follow The Prescribed Diet Strictly During Gastric Sleeve Recovery?

Yes. Follow the diet your surgeon and-or dietician set you. This is not only so that you lose more weight (which you definitely will if you follow this). The diet also protects you from any complications after gastric sleeve surgery.

The number one danger you are guarding against, after surgery, is the risk of gastric leak. Gastric leak happens when the staples holding the cut in the stomach together are overstrained, and let stomach acid into the rest of the body. Heavy foods put your stomach at risk of gastric leak if you do not give it time to heal.

Is Exercise Important During Gastric Sleeve Recovery?

Exercise is extremely important. You are even encouraged to walk around your hospital room the day you wake up from surgery. The movement reduces pain in the long run, because it helps your body heal much faster.

Exercise also grabs the momentum your gastric sleeve surgery gives you, and runs away with it. Since you will already be on a diet, exercise will help you burn calories faster, heal faster, and reach your weight loss goals much sooner. The sense of accomplishment after every finished exercise also gives you encouragement for everything else.

Would A Support Group Help Me During Gastric Sleeve Recovery?

A support group, whether online or in-person, would definitely be a great help to you. Your first line of defense should, of course, be your family and friends. Ask them to accompany you to doctor’s appointments and seminars, be open to them about your emotions, and keep them involved in your life.

The second line of defense is a support group made of people who have gone through the same surgery. A group moderated by a health professional specializing in weight loss surgery is perfect if you need a space in which to ask questions and air problems freely.

Gastric Sleeve Recovery: The Beginning of New Life

Gastric sleeve surgery can be one of the best decisions you have ever made. It will definitely give you a headstart at the new life you are planning for yourself. The weeks after surgery, however, are sometimes the worst. All the changes may cause mood swings and emotional imbalance. Use the instructions on exercise and diet as a lifeline, and just keep going. Great results are inevitable.

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